Vendor information page — Rules and Regulations

New Harmony Farmers & Artisans Market Rules of Operation 2015

The New Harmony Farmers and Artisans Market (the Market) is located across from the Workingmen’s Institute in Church Park, every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

  • Registration for the season is $15.00 (you can mail your check made out to the New Harmony Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market to Jerrilee LaMar).  Or you can pay on site to the Market Master upon first attendance of the season. Vendors wanting to set up ONLY for a weekend which is also a major New Harmony Festival (e.g. Arts in Harmony) will pay a fee higher than the $15.00/season fee, prorated based upon booth fees being charged at that weekend’s festival.
  • Farmer vendors may offer for sale or trade, articles for human consumption, such as locally grown or produced fruits, vegetables, bedding plants, nursery stock, edible grains, nuts, berries, apiary products, tree sugars and syrup, and decorative items such as flowers. The sale of eggs, cheese, meat, fish, poultry, or refrigerated dairy products is permitted. However, it is the vendor’s responsibility to know and obey all food safety and handling requirements, as required by county, state, or federal regulations, and be able to display/show any required permits if requested. Only products that can legally be sold at an outdoor Farmer’s Market will be allowed. (See Health & Safety Requirements and Regulations, below.)
  • Artisan vendors may offer for sale homemade and hand crafted, locally produced items. Such items can be consumable, utilitarian, decorative, or ornamental. Jewelry, soap, breads, pies and muffins, canned goods, kitchen and garden utensils, towels, napkins and hot pads, and lawn and garden ornaments and sculptures are all examples of items artisans may offer – the only requirement is that all items be made by the vendor.


  • Goods may be sold directly from vans, trucks (one ton or smaller), or cars. Vendors must furnish their own shelter, tables, chairs, or other display arrangements. In case of inclement weather, vendors must furnish their own protection.
  • You may provide your own tent or awning, not to exceed 12 x 12 feet.
  • Vendors must keep their produce in good condition. Low quality or dirty vegetables, fruit, etc. should not be displayed or sold, and vendor pricing should consider quality and supply.


All items at the Market intended for human consumption must be kept at least 30 inches off the ground at all times, be under a tent or umbrella, and be in a safe and sound condition (see applicable local and state food safety rules). Vendors are responsible for any damages resulting from sale of unsafe or unsound goods. Potentially hazardous foods should not be sold.  Permits for consumable goods must be visible at the Market. All baked items must follow State law, (need attached ingredient labels.) All items requiring immediate refrigeration must meet state and local health requirements, rules and regulations. Vendors are responsible for their own refrigeration source, and for complying with all applicable law, regulations, and ordinances pertaining to their products. Scales and measuring devices must be legal and accurate.


Failure to completely clean up assigned space(s) and the surrounding area may result in loss of vendor privileges.


Vendors offering items for sale must have locally grown produce (grown within a 50 mile radius of New Harmony, vendors may be asked for proof of origin by market master) and/or locally created arts and crafts, and must reside in Indiana or contiguous counties in Illinois and Kentucky. The Market Master’s decision on what is considered “locally sourced” will be final the day of the market.


By participating in the Market, the vendor agrees not to institute any action or suit of law or in equity against the Market, its employees, volunteers, agents officers, property owner(s), and/or designees as a result of action taken under this contract. The vendors will not aid in the institution of prosecution of any claims for damages, costs, loss of services, expenses or compensation for or on account of any damages, loss or injury of person or property resulting from the terms of vendor’s participation in the Market.


The Market has a permit from the town of New Harmony for our location, and liability insurance, should any accident occur to customers attending the Market.


In the event that a vendor is found to be in violation of one or more of the above Market Rules, the following process shall be observed:

  • Verbal warning issued by Market Master for the first violation
  • Written warning issued by Market Master for the second violation
  • Expulsion form the Market for the remainder of the season for the third violation
  • Vendor may appeal to the Market Executive Committee
  • Decision of the Market Executive Committee is final


In the event that there is a question regarding a product being offered by a vendor, the following process shall be observed:

  • Verbal warning issued by Market Master and request for product information/inspection within five days
  • Timely inspection refused – expulsion from the Market for the remainder of the season


  • Timely inspection held and violation found – product excluded from market for the season
  • Any exclusion of products can be appealed to the Market Executive Committee
  • Decision of the Market Executive Committee is final

2015 Market Masters:

Sara Browning                       Jerrilee & Scott LaMar

8908 Three School Rd.           8801 Water Tank Rd

Evansville, IN 47720               Poseyville, IN 47633

Ph: 812-457-3834                   Ph: 812-453-0395 or 812-622-0424


Please be kind and considerate to all of your customers, fellow farmers, and artisans.

Let’s make 2015 a productive summer with a growing and beautiful market!


Adopted March 1, 2015 by the New Harmony Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market Executive Committee.


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