Welcome to New Harmony, Indiana, home of the ongoing Utopian project!  Loosely interpreted, Utopia is  is a community or society possessing highly desirable or near perfect qualities.  Founded 200 years ago, we have seen a succession of idealistic leaders working on the vanguard of social thinking, trying to change the world.  Here at the New Harmony Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market, that all falls in line with our thinking of doing good by providing good, locally grown food to those who want it.

We have been going in one form or another for many years.  In our latest incarnation, we are located across from The Workingmen’s Institute, the oldest continuously operating public library in Indiana, which follows the creed of “the Dissemination of Useful Knowledge”.   What could be more useful than knowing how to grow and distribute nourishing food?

We operate in the longest season we can manage, opening earlier than any other market in the region (this year April 25, 2015) and closing as late in the year as we can.  Central to our mission is helping growers understand how to stretch the season, though successive planting and growth of cold season crops along with the summer favorites.  We encourage organic methods, but believe that local trumps everything in terms of nutrition, taste, and freshness — let alone economics.

We are also proud to offer artisanal products, made locally: soaps, hand printed linens, jewelry, baskets, gifts, and other delights.  You will find items here that truly speak of New Harmony and the region, unique, decorative, functional.

Our mission is not frivolous.  Living in a small town which is bereft of a grocery store, the need for freshly grown food is adamant.  And so the other half of our mission is to persuade the locals to shop here first, get what is in season, before embarking on the 30-mile trip to the supermarket.  Check off what you can with what we have, support our local growers (friends and neighbors), eat better, and rejoice.

 farmer love 2


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